Samira Thomas

Storryteller and Curriculum Expert

Dare to Disturb the Universe

After a week of attending and presenting at two wonderful education conferences this week in Ottawa, a reminder to my creative/educator friends: continue to dare to disturb the universe and take ourselves lightly.

"The first people a dictator puts in jail after a coup are the writers, the teachers, the librarians — because these people are dangerous. They have enough vocabulary to recognize injustice and to speak out loudly about it. Let us have the courage to go on being dangerous people.

So let us look for beauty and grace, for love and friendship, for that which is creative and birth-giving and soul-stretching. Let us dare to laugh at ourselves, healthy, affirmative laughter. Only when we take ourselves lightly can we take ourselves seriously, so that we are given the courage to say, “Yes! I dare disturb the universe.”"