Samira Thomas

Storryteller and Curriculum Expert

Grades and Happiness.


Friendly Reminder to everyone who hangs with the young folks in our world: grades are cool and all but don't buy into equating them with happiness, and please don't teach your babies that this correlation exists. Our babies are unique and happiness comes in different forms. Grades reflect very few things. Happiness, intelligence, creativity, and success are not included in that list. Worthiness is not included in that list. Grades reflect how much a student is able to play the game, but not how much a person has learned. They teach us that being assigned worthiness by others is socially acceptable. This is fraught with bias as studies have shown, paying heed to existing forms of power in relation to race, gender, sexuality and economic status. By all means, enrich your children's lives and offer them opportunities for support through their learning. This is important. But please don't make better grades the goal. We don't need more people who play this game well.